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Automatic group COMBI G3
Production:  slices of dough (leavened and with high percentage of humidity) of different shapes and weight, rolled bread and French loaf.
Technical features :
- feeding belt, motorized with an antiback flow device
- motorized feeding belt, adjustable on divider
- thickness lamination adjustable from 8 mm to 20 mm
- interchangeable cutters at 1-2-3 knives by stainless steel AISI 304
- functions setting by PLC
- control panel with orientable display
- drawers for flour recycling
- belt by pass 1^ moulder for cutted bread, or cutted and French loaf
- 1^ moulder 4 cylinders width 400 mm with antidischarge
- 2^ moulder 4 cylinders width 560 mm with antidischarge, assembled on a indipendent bedplate
- device  for a speed and easy replacement of rolling belts
- included adjustable French loaf maker
- assembled on wheels
- load voltage  V 400 + N HZ 50
Size when working (90 degrees): mm 1990 x 1320 x H 1800