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GULLIVER S.r.l. a dynamic company

GULLIVER srl was founded in 1983 thanks to the entrepreneurial courage of three technicians with already over twenty years experience in the field. The projects were ambitious, but they required treading gradually and with caution into the market. The production of bread-making machines is mainly focused on planetary mixers, sheeters, cylinders and small kneading machines. The determination of the company to offer machinery of superior quality stimulated the design of more specialized and modern systems, and this brought in a short time positive feedback from a wide clientele.

In 1985 GULLIVER srl scored an unprecedented success: the “Spezzaciabatte” (the ciabatta bread divider), thus becoming the undisputed leader in the manufacture of high humidity percentage dough. From this success came the need to reformulate the company plans by focusing on the implementation of the divider machine, to be followed by projects of moulding machines and groups for rolled-up bread.
During the past 30 years, GULLIVER srl has continuously worked to create and develop new technologies to make their machines more versatile, safe and reliable. Thanks to a strong synergy with bakers, GULLIVER srl today is a dynamic company that follows the road of specialization and provides bread-making machines that aim to satisfy every need.